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Driva Newsletter

The Driva Solutions team brings strategic, operational, and systems experience to bear for our clients. We are seasoned professionals who know how to size up an operation quickly because in most cases, we've already fought through and solved the kinds of problems we find.

This is the advantage we bring to our clients: succinct problem identification delivered with sensible, surgical solutions implemented in lock-step with cross-functional teams. Our clients embrace this approach because they prefer to "own" the solution rather than become dependent on a third party.

Our LimeBridge Alliance provides us (and our clients) with global coverage that is unmatched in firms of our size. Our partners allow us to provide quick starts to projects with international elements and the same swift and sweeping analyses from those who know the cultural and operational aspects of these situations best.

The Global Operations Council (GOC) that we chair enables us to remain deeply in tune with both the "pains and gains" experienced by its diverse membership of 34 companies who collectively operate or outsource 250,000 of the world's contact center seats.

Augmenting a core of experts, we have independent contractors across the United States who have either run large customer service organizations or functional teams such as global quality or contact center technology, for companies such as Amazon, MCI, T-Mobile, and Xerox.

By participating in the Driva Solutions network, a number of executives and senior managers who are in between operating roles contribute to our projects and white papers, and may elect to come onboard in a core or independent contractor role.

Surrounding the whole team are Driva Solutions alumni who continue to provide real-time expertise and perspective from their new senior operational leadership at companies such as Free & Clear, Microsoft, Starbucks, and Wells Fargo Bank.

For more information, please contact us at Driva Solutions.

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