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Driva Newsletter
Team Driva

We’ve been there!

Everyone on Team Driva has "been there”, either:
  • supporting and running customer service operations with companies such as, American Express, AOL, AT&T Wireless (formerly Cingular), MCI (now Verizon Business), Microsoft, Nordstrom, Puget Sound Energy, Sprint PCS, Starbucks, T-Mobile, Western Union, Wildcard Systems (now part of E-LOAN), and Xerox

  • building and running contact center suppliers such as Aspect, MCI Call Center Services’ Outsourcing (now part of EDS), Perot Systems, Sykes, and TeleTech.

All of our team members are independent contractors hand-picked and directed by Driva Solutions’ founder and President Bill Price. In the company’s six years more than 50 experienced professionals have been on Team Driva, some moving back into senior operational positions with organizations such as the Affina, Broadwing, Citibank, Experian, Financing Alternatives, Free & Clear, Microsoft, the University of Montana, the University of Virginia, and Wells Fargo Bank.

These “Driva Solutions Alumni” continue to update the company on current pressures and needs, frequently calling upon Team Driva for assistance.

Team Driva today

The core members of Team Driva today are :

Cass Nevada ( Performance & Contact & Sourcing Optimization )
Cass was one of the first alumni to join Driva Solutions in early 2002 and has led or participated in a variety of Performance, Sourcing and Contact Optimization projects with companies such as Apple, Dell,, Google, and others. She brings an eclectic background to bear on operational challenges such as Voice of Customer processes, best agent identification, quality processes and training, project management, and needs assessments. Her focus on social networking applications has helped clients envision and implement improved content management strategies, knowledge sharing processes, and other Enterprise 2.0 networking applications.
Doug Cassell ( Performance & Contact Optimization )
Joining Driva Solutions in 2003 Doug brings a wealth of experience to the many projects he has led or participated in for clients such as Dell, Wisconsin Energy, WorldPay Ltd UK,, and others. He brings world class system and service experience to bear on projects involving customer contact processes, enterprise contact data use, and the application of service oriented technologies. He is well-regarded for his strong collaboration, project management, implementation, training and facilitation skills.
Paul Davis ( Sourcing Optimization )
Paul joined Driva Solutions in 2005 and has been instrumental in developing the Driva Automation suite of tools used to improve vendor discovery, inquiry and selection processes. He bring 20 years of experience in computer hardware design and network architecture. In addition, he has participated on several Driva Solutions sourcing projects with clients such as T-Mobile, McDonald's and others. to working on business and marketing strategy problems for technology companies. Paul's worked at Microsoft in the early years, where he was the company's first and, for two years, its only Windows Evangelist, as well as program manager for Microsoft Word for the Macintosh, among other roles. Paul studied computer science at MIT.
Wes Pitman ( Contact Optimization, Sourcing Optimization, and Technology Assessments )
Leveraging over 20 years experience in customer service integrated technology operations with Puget Sound Energy, Wes Pitman joined Driva Solutions in 2002, and has led or participated in projects for clients such as Dell, McDonald's, Apple, and Wisconsin Energy. Wes' experience in building an industry leading multi-media contact center which enhanced both operational efficiency and the customer contact experience, enables him to design proven solutions to chronic contact center problems. He provides insight for improvement opportunities in business process, contact routing, contact scripting, multi-channel contact integration, technology selection, and technology integration.

Jim Bartz ( COO )
Phil Vandecar ( Sourcing Optimization )
Phil joined Driva Solutions in January 2007 after nearly nine years at, and brings strong systems skill and understanding to the projects he undertakes. During his Amazon years, Phil was the key point of contact for all global telephony operations on the World Wide Customer Service team. Prior to, Phil spent 5 years at Eddie Bauer in the Telesales, Customer Service, and Help Desk organizations. Phil is a graduate of the University of Nevada-Las Vegas.
Linda Chidester ( Sourcing Optimization )
During her four years with Driva Solutions, Linda has led or participated in numerous sourcing projects for companies such as,, Costco and others.  Her extensive background prior to joining Driva Solutions translates into a level-headed and seasoned  perspective for the client. Linda has been the VP of Customer Service under contract or on the payroll at McCaw Cellular, AT&T Wirless, T-Mobile, and Starbucks. One of her team specialties is ensuring alignment among company strategy, customer service mission, front line performance, and reporting.
Jim Folk (Performance and Contact Optimization)
Zulma Pereira ( Sourcing Optimization )
Zulma joined Driva Solutions in 2006 and utilizes her account management, project management, process improvement expertise and relationship building skills to the wide range of clients that Driva services. She brings over 25 years in the high volume Contact Center industry. Her experience in the telecommunications and a range of high technology industries has continually demonstrated her ability to develop and lead highly effective teams at multiple levels within organizations.
Wendy Taylor ( Sourcing and Performance Optimization )
Wendy joined Driva Solutions in 2006 and offers valuable experience as a strategic partner working with Driva's array of global clients.  She has led or participated in the assessment of existing call center operations, management of RFP selection processes for new outsourcing partnerships, implementation of operations with newly selected partners, and expansion of programs across global contact center operations. Wendy applies her knowledge of Six Sigma programs to gain efficiencies in captive call center operations.  She also leverages her experience with the growing field of social networking to enhance global operations connectivity.
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